About us

Top-level legal expertise with a holistic approach.


About us

At Trägårdh Advokatbyrå, we offer secure, strategic, results-oriented commercial law advice. We have decided to focus on some of the most important areas of commercial law, and our commercial lawyers are therefore able to offer high-quality, top-level legal expertise.

Most of our commercial lawyers are both lawyers and business graduates with backgrounds in a range of sectors as company managers and business developers. This expertise and experience adds value for our clients as commercial perspectives are always included in our legal advice. This makes Trägårdh Advokatbyrå a strategical and commercial partner for both small local companies and large global companies.

Firmly established in Skåne

Trägårdh Advokatbyrå is firmly established in Skåne, a region buzzing with development and optimism that is now part of the largest labour market region in the Nordics. This hub is where our main work and development takes place. This is where we have our strongest network. We know who is who and who does what. As a result of our involvement in the region, we are able to offer strategic advice to our clients in our core market.

Otherwise we know no borders. We have clients throughout Sweden and internationally and partners all over the world but we are entirely independent and not part of any global network that restricts us.

Our history

Trägårdh Advokatbyrå has its origins in Malmö in the early 1980s, when Advokaterna Trägårdh & Trägårdh was founded by Carl Gustaf and Ulla Trägårdh. The firm was located on Lilla Torg and merged in 1988 with one of the country’s oldest and best-known law firms, Dr Philip Lemans Advokatbyrå in Gothenburg.

Two years later, another merger was carried out, with Lagerlöf Advokatbyrå in Stockholm, resulting in Lagerlöf & Leman Advokatbyrå, at that time Sweden’s largest law firm.

In the 1990s, a process of internationalisation began with the formation of the Alliance of European Lawyers, of which Lagerlöf & Leman Advokatbyrå was a member.

After some time, the English law firm Linklaters & Paines joined, resulting in a merger in 2001 under the name Linklaters and one of the world’s largest commercial law firms.

Officially Trägårdh Advokatbyrå since 2010

With its origins in Linklaters’ property transactions and insolvency law business areas, Trägårdh & Falkenborn Advokatbyrå was established in 2004 with offices in Stockholm and Malmö. A few years later, Ola Sellert, Group CEO of Ackordscentralen in Sweden, joined the firm. Since 2010, the firm has been operating under the brand name Trägårdh Advokatbyrå.

1 January 2017 was an important milestone in the development of the firm when Advokatfirman Glimstedt in Lund was incorporated into Trägårdh Advokatbyrå. This resulted in the firm doubling its staff. Ola Sellert and Patrik Kalman from Trägårdh Advokatbyrå in Malmö formed a new ownership group with Charlotte Andersson and Martin Gynnerstedt from Advokatfirman Glimstedt in Lund. Since then, additional partners have been added to drive the development of Trägårdh Advokatbyrå forward and to strengthen its market position, primarily in southern Sweden and the Öresund region.

With the extensive experience and expertise of Trägårdh Advokatbyrå’s employees and consultants, we are building and refining a strong, independent commercial law partner with a flat organisation, streamlined decision-making and high service quality.

Welcome to Trägårdh Advokatbyrå!