Commercial law

Company law

As company law forms the basis of many commercial law issues, we offer a wide spectrum of advice. Company law advice is primarily sought by owners, directors and managers during a company’s startup phase or its winding up, which may be in the form of liquidation. We also advise cooperative societies, limited partnerships and other partnerships or corporate forms.

We have extensive experience of company formation, financing, investment, raising capital through i. a. share issues. We further handle matters relating to minority shareholder and capital protection, general meetings and board liability. Other common requests regard passing on of family businesses drafting of shareholder agreements.

Our team of company law experts include several lawyers who hold degrees in business or economics. This expertise is particularly important for the essential due diligence process and company appraisals, and it is also important in the context of active board work.

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Viviénne Dahlstrand

Partner, Lawyer, M.S. in International Business Administration and Economics