Company law

Employment law

A company’s employees are often its most important asset, which means that employment law issues often arise. At Trägårdh, we regularly assist companies with the drafting and negotiating employment contracts, notices of termination, reorganisations and employment law issues relating to corporate confidentiality. We also deal with employment law issues in business transfers, where unexpected and undesirable consequences might occur if employment law is not considered at an early stage.

Employment law also includes responsibility for the working environment and compliance with other legislation in this area, such as the Discrimination Act and the Parental Leave Act. We advise on all issues in the field of employment law and can help companies with structures for, and management of, systematic health and safety work, including the drafting of various policy documents.

In major business decisions, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employee organisations are informed and given the opportunity to negotiate on behalf of the employee. We offer employment law assistance and advice to employers throughout the process. In the event of disputes between employers and employees, we can, of course, provide advice and act as counsels in settlement negotiations or in court proceedings.